“The goal of the AAS Growth Reflection Appraisal and Supervision Plan is to support faculty and staff members in a cycle of continuous improvement. [It] is intended to be a positive tool designed to facilitate mutual cooperation, team effectiveness, AAS’ mission, and the continuous improvement of student learning. [It] also serves as a tool to achieve overarching school objectives in the areas of teaching and learning, as well as professional accountability.”

–AAS-Sofia Growth Reflection Appraisal & Supervision Plan (GRASP)


How does supervision and evaluation work at AAS-Sofia?

The evaluation process, called the acronym GRASP (Growth Reflection Appraisal and Supervision Plan), is similar to most teacher supervision plans in international schools.
The process includes:
1. goal setting (before September 30)
2. Self-reflection (before April 30)
3. A scheduled observation (including a pre-conference, observation, & post-conference) each year between October and April
4. Teachers should also receive a minimum of two pieces of feedback from walkthroughs and unscheduled visits
5. Annual spring conference with supervisor during the third trimester

I’ve been at AAS-Sofia longer than two years. Do I still have the scheduled observation?

After the first two years the process may differ as determined by the school and with input from the teacher.

I’m leaving AAS-Sofia at the end of this school year. Do I do anything differently?

Teachers in their final year at AAS-Sofia complete a formal self-reflection but may not have a formal spring conference, scheduled formal observation or formal appraisal report. Departing teachers do have an exit conference.

Resources for Evaluation

AAS Growth Reflection Appraisal and Supervision Plan (GRASP)

For more in-depth information about supervision and evaluation at AAS-Sofia, please read the AAS Growth Reflection Appraisal and Supervision Plan (GRASP).

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