Professional Learning

Professional Learning

“The purpose of Professional Development Support at AAS is to provide faculty members with professional development opportunities to deepen their understanding of current research and trends in education; to improve instruction and assessment methods; grow professionally; and to grow in areas which address specific school program goals and initiatives.”

AAS-Sofia Professional Development Support and Planning Document


**Are there funds to attend professional development events and if yes, what are my options? **

Yes. At the beginning of each fiscal year (starting on July 1) there is funding for goal-related PD, required PD, and personal professional learning PD. You can learn about PD offerings here:

What are the differences between these types of PD?

Goal-related PD events are aligned with school or division goals and are selected by the leadership team. This type of PD is frequently tied to bringing in an outside expert or sending an individual or team to an event to ultimately help implement a new initiative.

Required PD refers to mandatory training (such as IB or a new math program) or training that is required in order to implement a program or new curriculum effectively.

Personal Professional Learning PD refers to professional learning selected by the individual faculty or staff member.

How do I apply for personal professional learning support?

Complete a Professional Development Support Request form and submit a hard copy to your principal. You should hear back within two weeks.

How much funding is available for personal professional learning?

Full time faculty members are eligible to apply for a total amount of 800 Euros per year. CTAs and administrative support staff are eligible to apply for a total of 200 Euros per year. Funding is always contingent upon adequate budget availability.

Can I use my PD funds if this is my last year?

Aside from the CEESA conference, PD funds may not be used for activities taking place after January 1 of a teacher’s final contract year. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director.

Can I use funding from the subsequent year’s PD allocation?

On rare occasions and contingent upon funding, the director may approve an advance.

Resources for Professional Learning

Professional Development Opportunities

There are many off-campus opportunities for professional learning, connecting, and networking, including those through CEESA and ECIS.

Connected Educators

Being connected means collaborating outside of our classroom and school walls to keep learning and growing as educators.

AAS-Sofia Professional Development Support and Planning Document

For more in-depth information about professional development support at AAS-Sofia, please read the AAS-Sofia Professional Development Support and Planning Document. Below you will also find the Professional Development Support Request form.

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